Live the Dream is a literate Harry Potter RPG. It takes place after the war and the death of Voldemort. Hogwarts has been through the necessary repairs, and is once again accepting new young witches and wizards, providing new and old classes for all.
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 Shijo Okui

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Shijo Okui

Shijo Okui

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PostSubject: Shijo Okui   Shijo Okui EmptyMon May 20, 2013 12:22 am

Character Application:

Shijo Okui





Wand Type:
ivory, pheonix tail-feather, 10 inches.

Shijo grew up in a rather rich pureblood family. He had a good life, though he never quite fit in with the rest of his siblings. While they were talking of how they were 'destined for greatness' he was talking about which shoes looked better with which pants, or if this shirt clashed with this vest. His siblings often picked on him, though Shijo never paid much attention, a simple glare was all that was needed to get them off his tail. (adding more)

Shijo is a very bright character. His clothing, as well as hair color, may vary in style daily. One day he may appear in just plain skinnies and a v-neck, and other days he may dress a bit on the wild side which really could be anything. His hair is naturally a dusty blonde, though he rarely ever keeps it that color, prefering a pastel pinkish shade.

Shijo is very energetic, very few can keep up with him. He is allways doing something. Drawing, singing, dancing, anything to keep him entertained. He may come off as cocky but, thats just how he is. His rushed nature tends to get the better of him, often causing him to say or do things he doesnt mean to. (yet again adding more)

RP Sample: Shijo groaned as he slammed his head back against the thick oak tree he was propped up against. Slender fingers slid across his temples as he stared down at the cat curled between his legs. Claws tore flesh as Shijo attempted to move, his right leg slowly going numb from sitting in the same position for far too long. The boy yelped, jumping and nearly crushing the poor ball of fur. "Daiben! Momiji what are you doing you stupid feline." He growled, prying the kitten off of his thigh, its claws tearing the fabric of his pants slightly. The small kitten mewled, staring up at its master adoringly, its blue tinted fur fluffing up as it stretched in his hands. "Hitonoko...are you trying to get yourself killed..?" The kitten mewled again, pawing at Shijo's nose. The feeling of the petite paw on his nose caused a smile to tug at the corners of Shijo's mouth. He nuzzled the animal, setting it atop his shoulder before gazing back out at the horizon, wondering when mother would be back to cook up some dinner. (._. I apologize for the shortness of this. I'm very tired at the moment and my brain seems a bit...fizzled)

Special Ability or whatever: Shijo is a werewolf. (I messaged Elsae about this and she said it was alright, if anyone has to verify this with her feel free.)

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Elsei Wolffe

Elsei Wolffe

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PostSubject: Re: Shijo Okui   Shijo Okui EmptyMon May 20, 2013 12:38 am


Feel free to add on to your profile at any time :3

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Shijo Okui

Shijo Okui

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PostSubject: Re: Shijo Okui   Shijo Okui EmptyMon May 20, 2013 12:43 am

Alright :O Thankyou.
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Shijo Okui
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